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Lauren Leader is a thought leader and advisor who has devoted her career to advancing gender equality and American democracy. She is the founder and CEO of All In Together, a non-partisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing women’s civic and political participation. Since its founding in 2014, All In Together has reached and quipped millions of women across the United States with tools of civic participation and leadership. She has been a relentless fighter for democratic values and constructive politics. Since 2018, All In Together has been the most comprehensive pollster of women voters and will continue polling Republican and Democratic voters throughout the 2024 cycle.They are partnering with the Washington Post to ensure complete coverage of women voters and women’s issues in the Presidential race.

Lauren is also founder of a boutique consulting firm that works with a wide array of institutions and leaders both in business and politics to advance diversity and equality. She has served dozens of major companies and institutions in that capacity.

She is an opinion contributor to Politico Magazine, The Hill and numerous other publications highlighting issues of gender and politics and has been a weekly contributor to Morning Joe since 2017.

She appears regularly on an array of MSNBC and CNN shows speaking to issues relating to women, politics, and democracy. She has been a guest and regular substitute host on SiriusXM POTUS since 2015.

Lauren has authored a long list of research studies and her work and her work and writing have been featured in most major publications including the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The Hill and many more. Lauren’s first book, Crossing the Thinnest Line (Center Street, 2016) targeted a corporate audience of readers committed to advancing diversity and inclusion.

She is also a frequent speaker, lecturer, and panel member at a wide array of conferences, conventions, forums, and venues across North America and Europe including the Aspen Ideas Festival, the Milken Global Conference, the World Economic Forum at Davos, and more. She was a 2018 Presidential Leadership Scholar, a program founded and led by Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

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