When It Comes to Guns, Republican Women Don’t Always Agree with Republican Men

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How state Republicans went from opposing Democrats to opposing democracy

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State Republicans have gone from opposing Democrats to opposing democracy

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L thehill.com/opinion/campaign/3980491-republicans-have-gone-from-opposing-democrats-to-opposing-democracy/

Stormy Daniels, Feminist Hero?

Picture of Article in The Hill - Child care sounds great - but where will it come from?

Child care sounds great — but where will it come from?

AIT CEO Lauren Leader on Morning Joe discussing Nikki Haley's Presidential run

AIT CEO Lauren Leader on Morning Joe discussing Nikki Haley’s Presidential run

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AIT Ceo Lauren Leader joined the team on Morning Joe to share her latest oped for Politico, "Nikki Haley's Woman Problem" asking whether or not she will have a fair shot as a woman candidate at a moment of maximal sexism in Republican politics.

Nikki Haley’s Woman Problem – Opinion by Lauren Leader in Politico Magazine


50 years after Roe, democracy is on the ropes. Here’s how to fight back.


Democrats’ 2024 prospects rise thanks to GOP extremism — but 2022 failings still loom

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